201 – Pour Over (Preview)

There are a couple main pour over methods we consider initially. One is the V60. The other is what is called the Bee House Dripper. The Bee House method is what we will highlight in this post and for the Barista Academy.

Bee House

First, let’s understand the methodology itself and how it differs from the V60. The Bee House Dripper was an invention by Melitta Bentz in 1908. She punched holes in a brass pot and lay in some blotting paper in the pot. Rather than a big hole in the bottom like the V60, the Bee House has two small holes and a flat bottom. So, you cannot easily use a V60 filter on a Bee House.

Some coffee shops exclusively use V60’s. Other coffee shops use the Bee House Dripper. Special thanks to Sam from Branch Street Coffee Roasters for his time and attention to this lesson. At Branch, the recipe is as follows:

  • 25 grams of beans ground medium (not too fine, not too coarse)
  • Bloom for 40 seconds.
  • Initial pour up to 160 grams
  • Then pour another 40 grams, wait 4 seconds
  • Repeat until there is a total of 400 grams.
  • Then wait for the water to flow down, extracting the flavor from the beans
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