101 – Grinders (Preview)

The Grinder is an extremely important part of the artisan coffee world. A lot of people are drinking less than quality coffee not because the coffee is bad, but because they are using the wrong grinder. So what makes a grinder the wrong grinder? Blades.

Blades are a coffee aficionado’s worst enemy. The grind is so important for proper extraction of flavor from the beans. This requires control over how finely or coarsely they are ground, depending on the type of brew method, and control over how uniform the beans are ground. Blades give you no control over either of these. So, what’s the alternative to blades? Burrs.

Burrs crush the beans as opposed to blades which slice through the beans. The coffee bean travels between two sets of burrs as they spin and is crush in a uniform manner. The control over the grind size depends on how close you set the burrs. Most, if not all, burr grinders have settings on them and the higher the number the finer the grind.

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